Thursday, August 17, 2017

Black Dress Never Does Wrong

Good morning fellas!

It seems blogger has become lesser option in this year especially with the growing community of instagram. I've started to notice that the flexibility of instagram has shifted flocks to there (including sponsorship and endorsement). However, I still have faith in blogging world as I think I can elaborate much more in a blog post than instagram. If you think you'll can reach me better in instagram, go follow my account @jesslare

Talking about fashion lately, It's safe to say LBD is a timeless option to be stylish. Several weeks ago. I attended a wedding ceremony in black dress, of course wishing no ill to the bride.

I have pretty weird body proportion. My upper body has low capability to store fat, resulting my slim arms, waist and breasts. But when it comes to my hip and buttocks, it gruesomely store excessive fat there than anywhere else. It makes my skin around them stretch out of limit. It become problem when I wear pants because there's thin available 'exactly' fit jeans. I have very small calf and it seems my middle body potrude out of line. It's not that I hate them or I'm not confident. I just have obsession to excellent proportion, and somehow it's a bit off.

To tackle it, I wear clothings which are capable to flaunt the good and fix the bad. LBD is the most attractive option. This is why I picked them in the store.

It reminds me of my old saying: don't wear beautiful clothes, wear clothes that make you beautiful. It sounds so superficial in this era but it's indeed still a good advice of picking outfits.

Golden rose sneaker-Nike
Glitter slingbag

By the way, if you're familiar with my instagram, you might realize my current business. I'm delegating synthetic biology conference in my university. That was such a good talk.
I also contributed in certain news platform. That platform is nice for attracting million readers, but pitifully it's hard for me to engage the readers on serious matter. I wrote several articles and the ratings are vary. It seems a dumbed-down, cognitive biased resounding type of article gets more views than educative ones.

It makes me sad.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to wear: DENIM VEST


That's right, I'm back from lengthy hiatus. My previous posts are not deleted yet, but I put it in draft as I think I need to evaluate my old thoughts (I'm pretty embarassed too as now I'm publicly open this blog to my acquaintance). 

First of all, I want to apologize. For every devoted blog readers, every annoyed bloggers, and every sponsors for my past actions, if it's not very convenient to you. I'm also sorry to anyone who tried to reach me via e-mail, I've changed it. Now you can contact me on

Pretty much, I have updated my links about me and sponsorship contact. I hope you all mind to reread everything.

My high school day totally worn me out, but it's worth it because I have changed a lot and learned a lot those days. Unfortunately the hectic schedule didn't allow me to post in this blog very much. I also don't promise much of numerous posts in my college life. As you see, I study engineering and I think it's pretty self-explanatory,

By the way, I'm not really out from fashion life, but I guess the direction of this blog will be different. It's not going to be only FASHION BLOG. I think it will be fashion and lifestyle, maybe my own thoughts on current issue.

If you're reminded, the last time I posted fashion I was like 14, now I'm 19 and still alive. 
I hope I can catch up with the latest trend, the latest issue, and everything in blogger world. I hope this blog will be better after the hiatus. I will fill the gap of 5 years in next feed


Denim is not something that will get away from fashion any time soon. Lately, I bought a denim vest that I believe is no more than 10 USD. I am very excited to style it up to certain degree here as I have just worn it for several occasions.

The first one is during M's birthday surprise party. I wore it with pretty basic clothings available. 

I'm a fan of blue so I unconciously buy many blue jeans and left nothing but one white jeans. In this picture, you can clearly see that the color is not very different with the tank top. But my tank top is black, and the jeans are blue. Actually I recommend you to put on different colors, this style is in shortage of supply.
Buccheri shoes
blue jeans
black tank top
denim vest

Apparently you can also wear it with dress like how my friend, Ferent, wore it. As you can see, she mixed strapless dress with denim vest.

I like my denim vest. I liked the bleached end and I like the stud around the collar.

Yesterday, I got another occasion to wear my denim vest.
I call this style preppy with twist. What do you think it's better called?

white long sleeve shirt
Denim vest
Glittering straps bag
Silver bow
Nike Gold rose sneaker
black Miss Fox skirt

You can combine your weekly go-to-church look with denim to rock it even more. I also put on silver bow here. This silver bow is actually a company accessories for my v-neck shirt I wore here. But I like it better with this outfit.

it's a couple with mom

What may become twist is my Nike gold rose sneaker. I admit its color is extremely pretty. In my eyes, those can go well with my outfit.

As an engineering student, I'm not wearing this outfit very much to college, as I'm too lazy to pick up clothes in the morning. I went to my university by train, and it is pretty far. Not to mention my vast campus requires me to walk more.

I might write more about my college life soon!:p Stay tune

Monday, July 4, 2016

Good Day to Back and Go

I feel sorry to leave my blog pretty long. Guess how much? About three years and I don't think I will do better this time. I think my writing in this blog will be intermittent and uncertain.

I'm grateful to fill my life outside this blog and experience many new stuffs.
I also apologize for my past self which somehow disturbed you with my follow for follow. I'm not buying those things again.

I could not promise this blog to be very active.

I have been accepted in national university in my country, majoring chemical engineering and I'm cocksure it will be very hectic. The engineering also implies that I won't be exceeding certain limit in styling up. I choose basic and comfy clothes most of time. I don't have an abundance of leisure too.
Maybe you're asking what did I do for several years?
I put my eyes and heart on my study. Microscopic world took my interest all of the sudden and that's why I choose chemical engineering.
I attended olympiad class in my school. My school was not very outstanding in academic competition but they did support me so much. I'm lucky I won bronze medal in my second chance.
I hope I can do much but I still got works to do.

Here are some nice photos I've taken these past years.

  a bit of fashion part?

  a bit academic side?

Making new amazing friends on national olympiad camp!

we had fun during camp too!!

We enrolled by chance!

My friend, Hugo, my math tutor and excels at almost everything! He can speak many languages and I'm still muttering English!

squad(?), and best friends I found in SHS!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Faith in humanity?


First of all, I want to show my appreciate to people that still reading and visiting my blog frequently. I'm so sorry that I can't write too much recently. I have been attending SHS since July and got many tasks.
I go to school at 6'o clock and get home at 3 pm. It pretty exhausts me. When I have club schedule, I will be home approximately at 5 pm. Moreover, my school always give the student tasks! What's weekend?
So please forgive me of not replying your comment/stumbling on any blog this month and on but I promise that THIS IS STILL AN ACTIVE BLOG
I'm still receiving your cooperation(for sponsor) and absolutely will make a post for every item you send to me.


1. I was thinking about how racism is everywhere. And this is one of the most shameful history of my country, Indonesia : May 1998's riot
Where racism turn into human blood and sexual frenzy. It's so brutal. I feel so sorry for the victims. Let's pray for them although it has been 15 years.

I also pray for peace to come to other troublesome country!

By the way this is the Chinese campaign picture of 1998's riot brutality toward Chinese race. This picture is so disturbing and pitiful but I will still post it so you know that racism is not good.

2. Cory's death
Before I feed you with my speech, I want to express my condolence and sorry for
Cory, his girlfriend and his fans.

Okay. So I don't know who the heck is Cory before this news. I am not a fan of glee. But his death BOOMING story is pretty annoying.

The first reason is because he's died of... overdose? Does it mean that he uses drugs?
And all people(no. Actually his fans) pray for him and expecting him to be an angel. (I read someone's tweet here)

This is really disturbing. When you're an actor/actress/public figure that's dying of drugs, everyone will feel sorry and expect you to be in heaven. Meanwhile if you're just one unfamous, lowborn and not a public figure- dying of DRUGS- Everyone will deprecate you and tell you "That's what you got of using drugs", "You're such a loser that can't solve your own problem' blablabla

That's such a pitiful truth in our logic

I'm not being sentimental of his death, but people should get over this attitude: Assuming your idol as GOD/GODDESS/ALWAYS RIGHT

People are more likely to defy their idol than their nation. When their idol do something bad they will say : sorry for the ..., idol is STILL human and they do it not perfectly. DON'T JUDGE

Come on

You can be a fans of someone but there's not law to prohibit you to criticize their bad action.  Don't always defy them! It will get them worse. 
I hope every fans can be open-minded. 
Common people that is using drugs also need our help and prayers.

Some remarks of my ospek:

 Wearing blangkon
wearing glasses

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Phthalo Skies with Sammydress

Hello. I've just finished my school exams today. I feel so relieve to do my best... Well, after all these tests, I can see my weakness more obvious,I'm not neat(I think most of them have a very slight mistake, and It displeased me)  .

I'm so sorry for not putting too much effort in writting this blog, or even pouring ideas through literature. I will have been finished the national exams by May. So, I will put more attention here. I wish I can do better in national exam then.

By the way, This look(skirt and sweater) is sponsored by Sammydress! This online shop offers you great treatment that made me surprise! If you choose "ship today" products. It will take 3 days/ even a day to arrive! Faster than another!

Sammydress provides the best service for their customers, and friendly. You can ask your help through the interactive contact! The fabrics are well-made and high quality although it's not expensive!

What is more amazing? No-rip-off purchase for every product! The price is sooo cheapppp~ less than $20= cute dresses, skirt, sweater, etc
So hurry grab it here

hype me!
uhh Sorry I used exposure too much. I hate taking photos out there:s

Top and skirt :Sammydress
Sneaker: Champion

Thought about google reader and google friend connect:
I don't know about what is google reader before this information leaked out and warmed among bloggers. So, I searched information that is related with gfc/google reader will be shut down
From the information I got, Google will shut down google reader. I haven't found any official news about google will shut down gfc. If there is, please provide me the link at comment.

Now the next question: Is gfc =google reader?

First, let's discuss about blogger.Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.It was made by pyralab then bought by google company. Every blog publishing service always provides a way to follow other blog.

In google, it's called as google friend connect followers. 

I doubt google friend connect is google reader, and if google reader were closed, I would still doubt that We will lost followers.

The first reason is because I think Google reader is different with gfc. Google itself never provides the difference between them so... I just concluded it myself. Here are some arguments I have. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry.
1. Blog reading list is different with google reader. When you open dashboard, there will be bloglist and a link about "read it via google reader". What does it mean? Does it mean that blog reading list is different with google reader? Have you ever clicked that button? 
2. Google reader was made 8 years ago and gfc was made in 2008.(check on wiki) In official google reader twitter @googlereader
They said: We're retiring Reader on July 1. We know many of you will be sad to see it go. Thanks for 8 great years!
Meanwhile gfc is only 6 years. I don't know about the followers third-party tool before it existed. I have used neither blog nor internet that time. If you have been blogging for more than six years, You may have the right information about the follower system those days.
3. Last year, Google via their google buzz tell that they have retired gfc for facebook,etc. They have retired another google apps too. Check it here
But according to this blog buzz : Those of you with the Google Friend Connect followers gadget can keep using it, if you like. We retired most of Friend Connect earlier this year, but we'll keep it running on Blogger for the foreseeable future.
4. Subscribe in google reader doesn't mean follow one's blog via gfc. I have tried it with random personal blog. But if you followed via bloglist, you would be one's gfc follower.

It's just my opinion.We will know whether google reader's shutting down affects gfc/blog followers or not on July. In order to anticipate/keeping in touch of the worst thing, I have imported my following via bloglovin. 

For you all with good will to stay in touch, you can follow me via bloglovin too(see at my sidebar/the end of this post).What a pity, we can't see our followers there but if we know our followers' links, we can check their followings. 

There are lookbook and google+ followers on my sidebar if you are still afraid of losing your following ;)
But I wish the gfc won't go. I have just started blogging for a year!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh Mr. Rabbit

Hei everyone!

So sorry for a late post again. I'm going to face many examinations in March until April. Wish me luck! And please forgive me if I don't reply your comment soon

Nah,This is inspired by my practical English Exam: story-telling. I chose Alice in Wonderland but I made its own twist-plot story. If you mind to check, here is the link of the comic version of my story: MRRAA

Do you know that my latest dress here is sponsored by cozbest!

Please check their web to see their lastest dress! There are many hot and high-quality items there. I'm also very happy when I received this parcel~

Wow, so cute! That's my first impression

I will tell you a bit about cozbest!

It's a worldwide website for fashion-forward offers clothing, jewelries, accessories and shoes for fashion women.. They will increase your confidence from distinctive and judgmental society!
Don't worry, their cust. service will absolutely help you in ordering. These high quality items they sell, is supported with low prices and free shipping!
Now, Come accross to their web and shop!

Whoops! Where's Mr Rabbit? Oh, it's in my grab
UMMM? Is this a wonderland?
"she looks sleepy!"
BAM! she fell asleep

One more thing, this dress is so comfortable to wear. Thanks to cozbest

I will have a break for posting now, and please wait for me :) Hope you all a good day!
By the way here is the winner of the latest giveaway( I have sent you e-mail since some days before!)

The glasses :
The vouchers : and

Congrats dear! Everyone still have another chance to win another giveaway! Don't worry

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I was going to start my story. Recent days, I went to SVD'S HOMESTEAD for a spiritual retreat with my friends. It is a very beautiful place

Actually we all can't wait any longer for this trip. I have prepared for it.

just a little promotion for a DKNY jeans.

need 2 bags

We were estatic about this event! We went there by bus. We reached the place in 2 hours. We were really amazed with the place and the interior. The scenery was really beautiful. it didn't look like we're in Indonesia. Indonesia has been really beautiful but the master plan of the urban area seems ruin that. 
THIS IS DIFFERENT , not too natural actually but not too modern. The weather is good and not too hot like in Jakarta. It's quite silent and cool. A little remote place for meditation
because words cannot describe beauty, here are some photos of heaven on earth
the place we stayed for 3 days!

101, a dalmation or Lol room?

going for a walk to "BETLEHEM" with crocs.

hmmm is it a retreat house?

I just love trees

an English style house

how my friend having fun by taking pose

"white house" this the hall of meeting

"the station of the cross" or via dolorasa
They were taken in the last day. Thank you so much for the amazing time and lessons here!
Actually it's all about self-projection toward a successful future( for students now it means to pass the UNAS well).

All events here are inspiring but the only reason it's disturbing is the "crying session" We were gathered in room and then we heard a true story about us against our parents. 
Many friends of mine were crying. hummm It doesn't mean I'm senseless or don't love my parents but I think parents always want their children smile. How can we make them smile if we're crying babies?
Don't cry here and regret but improve my attitude toward them and say sorry. Keep them smiling and do not hurt them.
Better than cry now and do the same thing again toward your parents.

By the way here me with my newest photoshoot.

nothing much to say but this is a blend between feminine and masculine. Ah really hope this jacket my from leather. I think it will rock more.

kindly check my pinterest here
#weeklgiveaway and amazing pieces from OASAP!

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